Unfinished Dreams

Robert was a great man. He was a man of his word, not a man of empty promises. A role model who I looked up to so often. I never doubted he could achieve his visions, everything that he strived to accomplish. On our Sunday walks down the canal, he would tell me of his […]

A Man’s Best Friend

Boxer has always been faithful to me. He’s been there for me through my messy divorces, redundancies, and through my cancer. Boxer sits on my shoulder because he’s weak. His leg broke. People stare as I stroll down Portobello Market scanning the colourful fruits and vegetables, deciding what to cook for dinner. We’re used to […]

Blind Judgment

I’m here, bang on time. He’s late. I’m keeping my composure, though. I’ve ordered myself a skinny flat white, found the cleanest seat I could, and have decided that this has worked out well for me. Yes. I haven’t had some me time in a while. I deserve it. I run a successful company. I […]

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