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Snapshots of daily life paired with untold stories, spun by the imagination of a creative writer.

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Their Evening

Pearl pink and pale yellow reflected in her wet eyes with every step she took. The salty smell of fish and chips and seawater drifted around like the boats on the still water. It was just the three of them. Sister. Brother. Mother. Like it had been for seven years. The colours in the sky […]

The Bite

There stood a red-bricked house, semi-detached, with a golden sheen licking its exterior. Common but beautiful. I daren’t peel my floral netted curtains any further. Someone might have noticed me, thought something of me. They always had. I wondered though…who lived there? Were they happy? Rich? Poor? Lonely? I tore myself away from my single-glazed […]

The Break

The bank holiday had finally arrived. Tap, tap, tap went my fingers on the steering wheel. Sigh, tut, sigh went my wife, staring at the unmoving cars. Groan, groan, groan went my daughter in the back. The sun glared with its unyielding rays. My son smiled at me as I glanced in the rearview mirror. […]

Beauty in the Beach

I met Kym at AA. She was a slim woman, with sharp cheekbones, dark velvety skin, and a soft smile. She captivated me. It wasn’t only her appearance, though. Her heart was good. Flawed, maybe, but good. The first week I met her, she told us her story, and I remembered that AA was a […]

Love Lock

We ate cheap bread. We moaned about lecturers. We said we’d jog at the start of each term. We didn’t. We drank too much. We worked through the night. We slept through the day. We ran on medicine. We travelled home with bags of dirty washing. We kissed. We argued. We made up. We fell […]

Eighteen Today

“In five more minutes our baby girl would be turning eighteen,” Jeff said, and frowned at his wife, “goodness, she’d be an adult.” “Why won’t it stay straight?” Sarah snagged the safety pin from the paper with her race number on it and fished another one out of Jeff’s rucksack. “Why do we even need […]

Goodbye, Friend

My brother, George, never had many friends. It wasn’t that he was shy, he was just direct, a straight-talker, and people didn’t like that. He knew when to speak and when to observe. He raised his hand in class when he knew the answer, but if a teacher ever picked on him at random, he’d […]

Just Them Two

Helen and cliff enjoyed the simple things in life. They woke at six every morning, read the newspaper with their breakfast, kissed each other on the cheek before leaving for work, met up for lunch in the park, the same spot as always, ate dinner together and caught up on their day, and after reading […]


“Just this one favour and I promise I won’t ask you for anything ever again,” I plead for the third time, guzzling my coffee so I don’t have to meet my dad’s stern expression. “Son, the last time I looked after Annabelle, she threw up all over my beard.” He frowns. “Do you know how […]


Tranquillity. She deserves more attention, more respect. We’re always so busy. We don’t take lunch breaks in the park, we take them at our desk, during a phone call, in a meeting. I didn’t meet Tranquillity for sixty years. There were so many deadlines in our publishing house, piles of paperwork and far too few […]

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