Behind Every Photograph is a Story

Snapshots of daily life paired with untold stories, spun by the imagination of a creative writer.

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“Just this one favour and I promise I won’t ask you for anything ever again,” I plead for the third time, guzzling my coffee so I don’t have to meet my dad’s stern expression. “Son, the last time I looked after Annabelle, she threw up all over my beard.” He frowns. “Do you know how […]


Tranquillity. She deserves more attention, more respect. We’re always so busy. We don’t take lunch breaks in the park, we take them at our desk, during a phone call, in a meeting. I didn’t meet Tranquillity for sixty years. There were so many deadlines in our publishing house, piles of paperwork and far too few […]

The Captain

Rugby was my stronghold, my fortress. It was rugby that gave me escape when Dad called again to say his business trip was going to be extended by another week. His whole life was a business trip. It was rugby that transported me to another world when Mum accidentally knocked the cork out of the […]

The Postman

For some people, a job is just a job. Nine till five. Downing a coffee, organising, emailing, phoning, delegating, sorting, wolfing down lunch, some more emailing, downing a coffee, consulting with colleagues, discussing, downing a coffee, meeting deadlines, catching up with the boss, more emailing. And on it goes, day after day. I used to […]

Meet Margery

Mother, I’m so sorry it’s been such a long time since I visited you. The thing is, Amy is becoming such a handful, and it’s only been since her ninth birthday last month. You know, the other day, she broke the vase you bought me for my twenty-eighth birthday. Do you remember? The blue one […]

The Right Shoe

Red was his favourite colour. Oh, how he loved to kick a football, and preferably a red one. His little foot would push the ball forward and we would clap so hard and smile so wide. His blue eyes would light up like the summer sky he was underneath. It really was beautiful that day. […]

The Three Musketeers

We were always three, my sisters and me. We went to the prom together, no boys, just us three. We studied in the library together: science, maths and English. We travelled together: Italy, Barcelona and New York. When we had a huge decision to make, we made it together, just us three. We all got […]

Cities Apart

My granddaughter, Gemma, turned twenty-three last week. She’s the new art director at an advertising firm. I think that’s right. She was twenty-one when she graduated with a First. A First. I only just scraped my English O-Level. Her parents would have been so proud of her. Mary, my wife, would have as well. It’s […]

Unfinished Dreams

Robert was a great man. He was a man of his word, not a man of empty promises. A role model who I looked up to so often. I never doubted he could achieve his visions, everything that he strived to accomplish. On our Sunday walks down the canal, he would tell me of his […]

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