Life’s Lenses

He trudged into the shadows, his limbs aching, his joints cracking. The ground was dry and brown like cocoa powder, and the trees swished above him. There was no one around, except for nature’s early risers. He breathed the cool air deep down into his aged lungs, and when he breathed out, he could almost […]

Love Lock

We ate cheap bread. We moaned about lecturers. We said we’d jog at the start of each term. We didn’t. We drank too much. We worked through the night. We slept through the day. We ran on medicine. We travelled home with bags of dirty washing. We kissed. We argued. We made up. We fell […]

The Postman

For some people, a job is just a job. Nine till five. Downing a coffee, organising, emailing, phoning, delegating, sorting, wolfing down lunch, some more emailing, downing a coffee, consulting with colleagues, discussing, downing a coffee, meeting deadlines, catching up with the boss, more emailing. And on it goes, day after day. I used to […]

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