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Just Them Two

Helen and cliff enjoyed the simple things in life.

They woke at six every morning, read the newspaper with their breakfast, kissed each other on the cheek before leaving for work, met up for lunch in the park, the same spot as always, ate dinner together and caught up on their day, and after reading a book or watching the television, they would retire to bed. A life such as this to one eye could seem mundane, a rut they had built themselves over the years in their marriage. However, Helen and Cliff were happy.

At times, they would squabble over the washing up or the wet towels discarded on the bathroom floor, but it would only take them minutes to make up. They had gone through hardships in their lives; raised children, handled teenagers, wept at the departing adults their babies had become. Then it was just them two again. Like back in the day before they had children. They knew it would be fine.

And it was. They never tired of one another. Their love grew, a simple love, but one that brightened with colour.

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