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Our World

A world without Coronavirus.

Where social distancing is simply a matter of being British.
Where a baby’s first word isn’t ‘mask’.
Where Christmas is a time of peace and not of lateral flow tests.
Where one does not whip out sanitiser when one goes to shake one’s hand.
Where the tune ‘happy birthday’ isn’t a reminder to wash hands more thoroughly.
Where death toll figures aren’t read over a bowl of cornflakes.
Where fathers and mothers don’t die alone because of national restrictions.
Where loved ones are lost.

A world with Coronavirus.

Where embracing one another isn’t taken for granted.
Where broken relationships mend.
Where working from home swings doors wide open.
Where the world unites in giving key workers deserved appreciation.
Where time has slowed, and reflection has grown.
Where our eyes have shifted on others over ourselves.
Where bonds between parents and children have deepened.
Where loved ones are found.

A world after Coronavirus.


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