The Girl I Love

She had rich auburn hair that shone like stars in the night sky. There was a small cluster of light brown freckles on her nose, and her smile was bright like the moon. She was English. Her voice was soft, and she smelt of sun cream.

She had always dreamt of coming to Greece. I wish it wasn’t just a holiday. We had a drink together when I was off duty, and I took her out for Greek cuisine the night after. She was here for one week, and I stole every chance I could to see her. Her blue eyes were full of passion, full of life. When she laughed, my smile grew twice as large.

She left today. I let her go without telling her I loved her. I did love her, from the very first moment I saw her. Love at first sight. I never believed in it until I saw Annie. I hope she comes back. I will never forget her.

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