The Three Musketeers

We were always three, my sisters and me.

We went to the prom together, no boys, just us three. We studied in the library together: science, maths and English. We travelled together: Italy, Barcelona and New York. When we had a huge decision to make, we made it together, just us three. We all got into the same university. We studied different things, though: Textiles, Sociology and English Literature. It was always just us three. We lived together. We studied hard, watched TV hard, partied hard.

At the start of summer, I didn’t see one of my sisters for a whole day. To anyone else, that would be normal. Not in our circle. I rang her but she didn’t respond. I text her but she didn’t reply. She didn’t even Tweet me back. That same day, my other sister ditched me for another friend. A better friend. But I was her sister. I saw them both the day after. They didn’t understand why I was so upset. They were mine. It was just us three. What if they forgot me like our mother did? What if they walked away and I never saw them again?

They were moving on. Each through their different doorways.

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4 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers

  1. I can relate to your story, except mine were close friends, and the change came about when they found their spouses. The Three Muskateers has a gentle feel, like a calm stream. I wonder if that’s your voice?

    1. Thank you. I must admit, I’ve stopped blogging now – my novel is taking up every ounce of my time! But it’s always so nice to hear people’s feedback. I don’t know if that’s my voice, but maybe it is…always a work in progress 🙂

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