Dreams,  Friendship

Unfinished Dreams

Robert was a great man. He was a man of his word, not a man of empty promises. A role model who I looked up to so often. I never doubted he could achieve his visions, everything that he strived to accomplish. On our Sunday walks down the canal, he would tell me of his ideas for gardens. He would talk and talk and talk. His words were so full of passion that they transformed into a picture ever so quickly. I imagined his landscape designs as he spoke. We never allowed women to come between our friendship. We made sure of that after my ex-wife nearly tore us apart. Our friendship will always be treasured. Nothing will ever come between me and the gardens I create for my dear friend, Robert.

Writer. Faith walker. Notebook collector. Coffee drinker. Coffee Drinker. Coffee Drinker. Mother of two...and counting... @BathSpaUni MA CW grad.

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